Route of Flight from London to Darwin

     Jan Schönburg route of flight from London England to Darwin, Australia May 5th 1980 to July 17th 1980

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Revision 15


F150F F152

F150G FA150K

F150H FA150L

F150J FA150M

F150K FA152

F150L FRA150L

F150M FRA150M

August 22, 2014


“WARNING: Use of alcohol-based fuels can cause serious performance degradation and fuelsystem component damage, and is therefore prohibited on Cessna airplanes.”

This data sheet, which is part of Type Certificate No. A13EU prescribes conditions and limitations under which the product for which the Type Certificate was issued meets the airworthiness requirements of the Civil Air Regulations.

Type Certificate Holder.

Cessna Aircraft Company P.O. Box 7704 Wichita, Kansas 67277

Type Certificate A13EU was transferred from Reims Aviation S.A., 51 Aerodrome de Reims-Prunay, Reims, France, to Cessna Aircraft Company on December 11, 2006. Coincident with this transfer, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has accepted the status of State of Design and State of Manufacture as defined by Annex 8 to the Convention of International Civil Aviation. Prior to December 11, 2006, products identified under Type Certificate A13EU were approved by the FAA in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulation appropriate to Imported Products (FAR 21.29). Effective December 11, 2006, and after, these products are to be considered domestic products for the purpose of certification, and Federal Aviation Regulations 21.21 becomes appropriate.

  1. Model F150F, 2 PCLM (Utility Category), Approved May 27, 1965

Engine Continental O-200-A

Fuel *80/87 min. grade aviation gasoline

Engine Limits *For all operations, 2750 r.p.m. (100 hp)

Propeller and Propeller Limits

  1. Sensenich 69CK 24 lb (-32) Diameter: not over 69 in., not under 67.5 in. Static r.p.m. at maximum permissible throttle setting: Not over 2470, not under 2320 No additional tolerance permitted
  2. McCauley 1A101/MCM 21 lb (-32) Diameter: not over 69 in., not under 67.5 in. Static r.p.m. at maximum permissible throttle setting: Not over 2475, not under 2375 No additional tolerance permitted
  3. McCauley 1A101/DCM 21 lb (-32) Diameter: not over 69 in., not under 67.5 in. Static r.p.m. at maximum permissible throttle setting: Not over 2600, not under 2500 No additional tolerance permitted

A13EU 2 Revision 15

  1. Model F150F (cont’d)

Airspeed Limits (CAS) *Never exceed 162 mph (141 knots)

*Maximum structural cruising 120 mph (104 knots)

*Maneuvering 109 mph (95 knots)

*Flaps extended 100 mph (87 knots)

C.G. Range (+32.9) to (+37.5) at 1600 lbs.

(+31.5) to (+37.5) at 1280 lbs. or less

Straight line variation between points given

Empty Wt. C.G. Range None

Leveling Means Top of tailcone

Maximum Weight 1600 lb.

No. of Seats 2 at (+39); (For child’s optional jump seat, refer to Equipment List.)

Maximum Baggage 120 lb. - Reference weight and balance data

Fuel Capacity 26 gal., (22.5 gal. usable, two 13 gal. tanks in wings at +42)

See NOTE 1 for system fuel.

Oil Capacity 6 qt. (-13.5, unusable 2 qt.). See NOTE 1 for data on system oil.

Control Surface Movements Wing Flaps Down 0° - 40° ± 2°

Ailerons Up 20° Down 15°     Elevator Up 25° Down 15°    Elevator Tab Up 10° Down 20°   Rudder Right 23° Left 23°  (measured parallel to chord)

Serial Numbers Eligible: F150-0001 through F150-0067 (G-AWAW is  serial number 0037, data plate is intact)

G-AWAW is a 1966 REIMS built Cessna F150F serial number F150F-0037

This is a photo taken in June 1967 of a sister ship with the exact same paint scheme.

This photo is a 1966 F150F from the same model year serial number F150F-0012.

G-ATMB was de-registered in the U.K. and listed as destroyed November 9, 1988.

This color photo shows the color and paint markings that would have been applied to G-AWAW in 1966, as a sister ship assembled 25 aircraft later.


G-AWAW was the aircraft Janette Schönburg used in 1980 to

re-trace the 1930 flight of British Aviation Pioneer Amy Johnson

from England to Australia. Janette wrote this book, now out of print and quite rare.



Amy Johnson flew from England to Australia in 1930.



Both flights were solo efforts half way across the world in small aircraft. 


Countdown to the 2018 Confab in the Corn

Come see G-AWAW at Cessna 150 Fly-In at Clinton, IA July 25-27, 2018. It will have to roll in, but it will be assembled as much as possible.