Do we have this part? Sub Assembly Name Custodian Name Part Location Part Condition Photo
Yes Fuselage  Mike A. Live Oak FL    Fuselage in Container
Yes Right Wing        
  Right Aileron        
Yes  Right Flap        
Yes Right Strut        
Yes Wing tip with Nav Light        
Yes  Left Wing        left wing Loading Left Wing
Yes  Left Aileron        
  Left Flap        
? Left Strut        
Yes  Left Wing tip with Nav Light        
Yes Pilot Seat        
  Copilot Seat        
Yes  Top Cowling        
Yes  Bottom Cowling        
  Panel with instruments        
  Left door        
Yes  Right Door        
  Continental O-200 Engine with accessories      TBO Runout  
Yes Nose gear, wheel and tire        
Yes Engine mount        
  Propeller and Spinner        
Yes Right landing gear, right brake caliper        
Yes Right wheel and tire        
Yes Left Landing Gear, left brake caliper        
Yes Left wheel and tire        
  Top dorsal fin        
  Vertical Fin        
  Red Beacon        
  Horizontal Stab        
  Left elevator        
  Right Elevator