Do we have this part? Sub Assembly Name Custodian Name Part Location Part Condition Photo
Yes Fuselage  Mike Rice TX - KHYI  cutout pilot rear  Fuselage in Container
Yes Right Wing  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Right Aileron  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes  Right Flap  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Right Strut  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Wing tip with Nav Light  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes  Left Wing  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    left wing Loading Left Wing
Yes  Left Aileron  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
No Left Flap        
No Left Strut        
Yes  Left Wing tip with Nav Light  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
No Pilot Seat      Seat pan cutout  
No Copilot Seat        
Yes  Top Cowling  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes  Bottom Cowling  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes but poor Windscreen  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  Poor  
Yes, no cover Panel framework  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  No instruments  
 Some Radios    TX - KHYI  Spare parts  
No Left door        
Yes  Right Door  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
 No Continental O-200 Engine with accessories      Engine needed  
Yes Nose gear, wheel and tire  Mike Rice    Axle parts missing  
Yes Engine mount  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  good  
 No Propeller and Spinner      prop needed  
Yes Right landing gear, right brake caliper  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Right wheel and tire Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Left Landing Gear, left brake caliper  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
Yes Left wheel and tire  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
 Yes with cutout Top dorsal fin  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  cut out with plexi  
 Yes Vertical Fin  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI     
 Yes Rudder  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI    
 No Red Beacon        
 Yes but cut Horizontal Stab  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  cut outbd both  
 Yes but cut Left elevator  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  cut outboard  
 Yes but cut Right Elevator  Mike Rice  TX - KHYI  cut outboard  



Countdown to the 2018 Confab in the Corn

Come see G-AWAW at Cessna 150 Fly-In at Clinton, IA July 25-27, 2018. It will have to roll in, but it will be assembled as much as possible.